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Tempo Tampon

Tempo Duo Tampon Kit

Tempo Duo Tampon Kit

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100% Purified Cotton grown in USA

How to use

It's easy! You are 3 steps away:


1. Start with clean hands and relaxed position ..

2. Afterwards, simply open the tampon ..

3. One move away from the leak-proof protection:

You are all set! Don't forget to change Tempo every 4-6 hours ..



Size Guide

Use Tempo REGULARs (9-12g) up to 5-8 hours for heavy flow or during first days of your perid.

*Sutable overnight.

Use Tempo SLIMs (6-9g) up to 5-8 hours. Perfect for moderate/light flow or last days of your period.

Why Subscribe

Click subscribe - Choose how often and where your Tempo is delivered.

We launched the first tampon subscribtion in the Philippines for worry-free periods.

No more last minute panic-buying before the beach trip, stay focused on your lifestyle - we do the rest.


Available in Metro Manila and Nation-Wide

All the organic cotton goodness you need during that time of the month in one package!

Each box contains 16 tampons designed for your flow.

With Tempo, you get:

- Leak-free protection, our tampon unfold in 360-degree expansion!

- Made with 100% purified cotton biodegradable within 5 months

- High absorbency up to 8 hours (Suitable for heavy flow)

-No Shedding, our tampons stay fully intact and won't leave anything behind in your body.

- Hypoallergenic, gynecologists and FDA approved

- No applicator = No eco-shame


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Customer Reviews

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  • 100% in Love with You and The Planet

    The purified cotton we use for our tampons is biodegradable - it take 5 months to recycle!

  • 100% Convenient

    We deliver straight to your door! Check out our subscribtion for stress-free periods.

  • 100% Leak-proof

    Up to 8 hours of leak-free experience (even under the water)!

  • Chemical-Free! Cruelty-Free! Plastic-Free! 100%

    We don't use any chemicals, plastics or testing on animals.

    Nothing that doen’t belong in your vagina!

We get it...

We get it: periods can be messy and uncomfortable. Our solution? carefree protection for any activity under the sun!

Get stress-free deliveries of organic cotton period care, once a month or every other month. No more last-minute panic-buys. Just regular top-ups for a worry-free period, every period!

100% Organic

We make tampons from 100% certified organic cotton tampon core that’s hypoallergenic and fully degradable. No nasty chemicals. No extra ingredients because they don’t belong in your vagina.